Grama presents itself with the purpose of reissuing and reactivating the interest in Portuguese composers, musicians or artists, whose relevance of the musical work is important to perpetuate.

Using the original recordings and when possible consulting the composer, the catalog consists of titles that, in some way, stand out among the peers.

Remastered and, for the most part, available for the first time on vinyl, the presented pieces are unique examples both in the work of the composers and in the national context where they were produced.

With this label, we are trying to create a sound map of the Portuguese avant-garde and its relations with the other creative areas not only national but also European.

The editions are available on vinyl and digital format.


Matéria Prima



Grama 001 / 2016 / LP

Cândido Lima
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Grama 002 / 2016 / LP

Filipe Pires
Canto Ecuménico
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Grama 003 / 2017 / LP

Armando Santiago
Música Intuitiva
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Grama 004 / 2017 / LP

René Bertholo
Um Argentino No Deserto
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