Grama 001 / 2016 / LP – Available in vinyl for the first time

Cândido Lima


Side A
Oceanos (1978/79) 22’41”

Side B
Autómatos Da Areia (1978/84) 11’38”
Lendas De Neptuno (1987) 11’18”

Technical information

A – Computer, synthesizer, electro acoustics (acoustics). 
B – Version of A, with orchestra, choir and sound interventions of actors.

Places of achievement – Issy les Moulineaux (CNET surroundings) (Centre National d’Études de Telécomunications – Paris CEMAMU (Centre d’études de Mathématique et Automatique Musicale).

Studios – UPIC computer system (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CAMAMU); Electronic synthesizers VCS3-SEV (Studio de Électroacoustique de l’Université de Vincennes); 

Mixes – RDP Studios / North Region (Porto).


Coordination of the edition
Pedro Junqueira Maia

Executive production
Matéria Prima

Production of the 1st edition (CD)
Secretaria de Estado da Cultura (Direcção-Geral dos Espectáculos e das Artes) P 1992

M. Carvalhais

Photograph of Cândido Lima
Pedro Junqueira Maia

Pascal Ferreira

Composer’s text

Original title: COSMIC OCEANS.
The work was about the oceans to which NASA has paid attention in recent times to Neptune! The proper graphics to illustrate this work would be distant images where there are hypotheses of the existence of oceans, because it was in those oceans, in fact, that the composer thought, hence the original title, canceled to avoid terminological, semantic and scientific controversies!

Cândido Lima

Released by Matéria Prima in collaboration with Association SOOPA, within the scope of the Project “Tripartido da Cidade do Porto” with the support of the Portuguese Republic / Directorate General of Arts.