Tailored for small independent record labels to majors.


Runned by music enthusiasts Grama Pressing is a new vinyl pressing unit based in the Porto area, providing a complete service in the production of vinyl records, from mastering to pressing, to all packaging solutions.

We produce high-quality 12” records vinyl in a wide variety of colours and effects. We accept from 100 copies to large runs with a fast turnaround time.

Releasing a record is always a challenging task.
Please contact us directly if you have any doubts. We easily adapt to all your needs and do our best to make you comfortable working with us.

We are available for all requests at a distance of a phone call or email:

+351 911 138 509

Cut it.

At Grama Pressing we cut in-house Lacquer or DMM. However, we have agreements with experienced companies that provide us with this service and guarantee us the best audio quality.

Plate it.

We also have specialized partners who have state-of-the-art equipment and the experience to guarantee that your music is printed with the best quality.

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